What is METIS tech

Most game engines spend the majority of their attention and available processing power on visuals. With good reason, looks are important. But it is not the only way to create a great game.

We at BitBunch want to focus on believable game-worlds. That means we want the game-world to respond to the player in a realistic way. Innovations like Virtual Reality do this by improving how the physical user interacts with the virtual game-world.
However, this will not improve the game-world itself.

We’d like to move away from the real-time rendered interactive movie type of game and put the interactive game environment centre-stage. The GPU is a tremendously powerful processor that can be used to achieve this.

That is what METIS is all about. utilising the GPU to create big game-worlds with less limits and more interaction. Worlds populated with characters that behave life-like.

Games go beyond movies
They add interaction, the gamer takes part

Most games spawn an environment where the player goes

Metis creates a complete persistent environment for the player to explore

Military Operations

The first game to use the Metis engine is “Military Operations” (MilOps).
It is a Real-time Operational War-game set in the second world war.

Metis enables MilOps to recreate WW2 battles at full scale with many tens of thousands of troops, vehicles and units. Every single soldier is actually present in the persistent simulation. It is visualised in 3D on a true-to-life spherical terrain.

“Military Operations: Benchmark” is a technology preview, available now on Steam. The MilOps game is currently in development.


DevCom 2018

Simulating WW2 on your GPU

We were invited to DevCom this year to talk about the METIS engine and how it enables the Realtime Operational Wargame “Military Operations” to feature realistic armies on a life-sized earth.

The slides can be downloaded here. The talk may be made available at a later date.