Our philosophy

We at BitBunch believe that a great game is one that tells a great story and where everyone experiences their own particular story when playing. A deep and consistent game world forms the cornerstone of those type of games.

The Metis Tech we are developing is taking that quite literally; A limitless planetary environment, accurately and detailed recreated so that every location is unique. Populated with tens of thousands of autonomous characters.

BitBunch creates worlds

Worlds generate experiences

Experiences provide great gameplay



BitBunch is currently not looking to expand the team. but we are always happy to meet talented and motivated people.

If you have an interest in what BitBunch is working on, drop us a line or meet with us on events.

We love to talk about games and games development!

Meet the team


SERGE Developer

Serge has a particular passion for games. It started with spending many hours crawling dungeons of games like Dungeon Master and Bloodwich. Followed by becoming adept at online Quake games. Then exploring different genres with Homeworld, Operation flashpoint and Portal. All having in common to challenge the gamer’s mind. Be it solving puzzles or outwitting a human opponent. Creating new game worlds however, remained to most enjoying challenge of all.


ROGIER Illustrator

I Am Rogier van de Beek, a concept artist & illustrator and game fanatic. Great fan of the fantasy genre as an artist and as a gamer. But you could always wake me up for a few rounds of counter-strike, cod or quake. I love working on games, coming up with the concepts and determining the style and look of games as well as thinking of solutions for certain game design elements.


THOMAS Graphics Artist

Thomas is an all-round 3D artist. His favourite games are rooted in the PlayStation 1 era, with classics like Metal Gear Solid, Oddworld and Final Fantasy VII. When the internet started to emerge he fell in love with online gaming and competing with other players. Countless hours were spend on Unreal Tournament, CounterStrike, World of Warcraft, Starcraft and nowadays League of Legends. Playing games is great, but creating games is what really excites him.

Team Member

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The Netherlands

Email: info@bitbunch.eu