Chain of Command Unit Spotlight: Opel Blitz

The Opel Blitz was the king of the road in World War II.

In order to solve early logistical difficulties, the Germans were looking to standardize their cargo fleet, which by the mid-30’s included over 100 different vehicle designs in service. The choice fell on the Opel Blitz, a commercial pre-war design by Adam Opel AG, which required only several modifications to meet the military standard. Labelled as Kfz. 305, the Opel Blitz participated in every World War II campaign from Norway to Africa and from France to Russia, with approximately 100,000 units having been produced in total.

The Opel Blitz had several alterations to the standard cargo model. It was often used as a Field Ambulance, but could also serve as a mobile command center. Weighing 3.2 tonnes and powered by a 3600cc 6-cylinder gasoline engine, the Blitz was a versatile design that could fulfill any purpose on the battlefield.

As the war continued, the Germans continued to improve the Kfz. 305. In 1940, the Germans started to produce a limited amount of Opel Blitz models with a four-wheel drive. It also underwent a conversion to half-track (Maultier) for fulfillment of various towing duties. As Maultier (Sd. Kfz. 3), it weighed 7.1 tonnes.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Opel Blitz was the aforementioned gasoline engine. It could develop a speed of 80 km/h with an estimated operational range of around 400km. Blitz outperformed diesel-based vehicles particularly on the Eastern Front, where it could stay operational (with the help of a little boiling water) in ‘deep freeze’ conditions.

All in all, Opel Blitz could impressively operate through unexpected changes in weather and poor road conditions, ensuring a steady stream of supplies to fighting units on the battlefield. Supply and communication lines will play a significant role in Chain of Command, including the upcoming ‘Operation Early Access’ battles in Q2 later this year.

Will you be able to use Opel Blitz to the best of its abilities? Only a truly skilled commanders can win on the battlefield in Chain of Command!

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  • JoeDangit

    Will players be able to embark and disembark troops from trucks, ie. Motorized/Mechanized Infantry?

    • CommanderAnton

      @joedangit:disqus you are challenging us with some great questions. The thing is, that at this current stage of our development we are still conceptualizing several aspects of the game, such as this one. But I’ll get back to you with this 😉