BitBunch announces Chain of Command

“History is written by the victors”

BitBunch announces World War II Strategy game Chain of Command

Netherlands – August 8, 2014

Today, BitBunch announced the development of ”Chain of Command”, an operational level real-time strategy game set in World War 2. Chain of Command is targeting PC as lead platform.

Change the course of history!

In Chain of Command the player assumes command of large bodies of troops and directs them to victory. Battle plans can be drawn directly on the historically accurate maps and troops will execute these to the best of their abilities. Players need to adapt their plans as the situation changes due to enemy action, unexpected changes in weather, the supply situation or to improve their lines of communication. Based on their battle performance, players can get promoted to higher ranks, greater control and the chance to change the course of history!



Chain of Command features a revolutionary control system based on the command hierarchy used in actual armies. This system allows players to effectively manage large amounts of troops by giving orders at different levels in the hierarchy. Maps are geographically accurate representations of the 
battlefields in World War II, created using data from actual maps of the time. The detailed simulated environment in Chain of Command includes dynamic weather, logistics and communication. Units are controlled by an advanced AI system, making them react realistically to changing battlefield conditions, freeing the player from micromanagement and allowing them to focus on higher level strategy.


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About BitBunch
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